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50 E. Garden St. Pensacola, Florida


Located in the heart of downtown Pensacola, our facility is the original location of Perfect Plain Brewing Company’s brewery and taproom.

Designed to bring people together in a spacious, welcome environment, the taproom is a fully immersive experience with long communal tables and our entire 10-barrel brewhouse exposed within the gathering area. Portions of our building date back more than 75 years, and architectural signs of decades’ past have been preserved in our space.

We completed our taproom with an expansive, dog friendly patio facing historic Garden Street.

In 1764, when Garden Street was the northern border of Pensacola’s small downtown core, any resident who purchased land was given a companion parcel to use for a garden. To this day, the boundary lines of Perfect Plain’s space fits the original “Garden lot” dimensions.




Director of Brewing Operations/Co-Founder


Tasting Room General Manager


Head Brewer

Our name was inspired by our city’s rich history and its penchant for capturing the hearts of its visitors.

The term “Perfect Plain” was penned by Rachel Jackson, wife of Andrew Jackson, on July 23, 1821. She moved here with Andrew as the future President of the United States arrived to peacefully take possession of the state of Florida from Spain.

Once arriving, Rachel wrote a letter that described what she saw to a close friend at home in Tennessee:

“Pensacola is a perfect plain,” she wrote. “The land nearly as white as flour but productive of fine peaches, oranges in abundance, grapes, figs, pomegranates, etc. Fine flowers grow spontaneously, for they have neglected the gardens, expecting a change of government. The town is immediately on the bay-the most beautiful water prospect I ever saw; and from 10 o’clock in the morning until 10 at night we have the finest sea breeze. There is something in it so exhilarating, so pure, so wholesome, it enlivens the whole system.”

It’s a heartfelt depiction, one of the earliest and most vivid historical accounts of our city, and one we still find truth in it almost 200 years later. The letter itself was documented in 1858 by tireless Andrew Jackson historian and biographer James Parton but the letter’s whereabouts are unknown.

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